Stainless Steel High Tensile MildSteel
A2 304/A4 316 8.8/10.9/12.9 4.8

A2 304 Stainless Steel is more corrosion resistant compared to high tensile and mild steel. It is very suitable for outdoor fixings or most areas where rust may occur. A4 316 is often known as a marine grade steel. It is extremely salt water corrosion resistant. Both A2 304 and A4 316 has a similar look and feel however A4 316 is more expensive than A2 304.

High Tensile steel is a low-alloy steel which can withstand great strain without breaking or becoming deformed. Mild Steel is a low carbon steel and does not have the strength of a high tensile steel. Mild Steel will often be coated in an electroplated galvinised.


Class 3 Electroplated Galvinised
A class 3 coating has a thickness of 30 micron. The coating is extremely corrosion resistant which ensures a long-life. Suitable for areas where rust may occur and often used for roofing screws or outdoor fasteners. This is when the fastener is coated with a zinc coating to protect it against corrosion. It is not as durable as a class 3 coating however it still does extend the life-time of the fastener.


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